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A chain reaction of quality and reliability

Powermite has been a leading supplier of EKD Kolibri energy chain to the southern African market for more than three decades. The company shares a combined knowledge of over 50 years in drag chain applications with EKD, the globally renowned energy chain manufacturer based in Germany. “EKD energy chain is uniquely engineered to deliver substantially reduced operational costs and extended component life for lowest total cost of ownership,” says Powermite managing director, Rolf Lung. “It therefore comes as no surprise that the energy chain, also known as drag chain, has found wide acceptance…

Superior quality festoon systems

Superior quality festoon systems from Powermite deliver a reliable, efficient and uninterrupted feed of energy, data, air and fluids to electric mobile bulk materials handling machinery operating in mining and industry across southern Africa. As the carriers of these resources, this machinery is fundamental to a wide spectrum of industries, from open cast and underground mines to quarry, stockyard and port operations. “Our specialised Conductix festoon systems incorporate state-of-the-art, world-class technology, taking them to next level quality, reliability and efficiency,” says director,…

Electra Mining 2018 - a springboard for Powermite to showcase its new range of spring cable reeling drums

Powermite will use Electra Mining 2018 as a springboard to launch its new innovative Conductix Wampfler SR-Express Spring Reeling Drums as well as to introduce the market to additions to its range of plugs and sockets. Telefonika mining cable, Conductix Wampfler cable reeling drums, downshop and festooning systems, Mennekes and AMPCO plugs, connectors and sockets as well as crane accessories will complete the extensive display from Powermite. Powermite is part of the Hudaco group of companies and is a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical equipment for moving machinery in the southern…

Powermite Profile

Focused on supplying engineered solutions and products for the electrification of moveable machinery, including materials handling equipment, cranes and mining equipment, Powermite prides itself on its excellent customer service experience, superior collective technical knowledge and high-quality products and solutions. Established in the late 1960s, the company offers sub-Saharan Africa products and solutions that are imported and locally manufactured under the brands of Telefonika, Prysmian, Conductix Wampfler, Ampco, Mennekes, Proof Mining Connectors, Molex, Proconect, EKD Gelenkrohr, Gessmann,…

No weak links in EKD Kolibri energy chain from Powermite

Rugged, superior quality energy chain from electrical and mechanical equipment and energy supply systems specialist, Powermite, provides reliable and cost-effective protection of cables and hoses for the seamless operation of mobile equipment. EKD Kolibri energy chain, also known as drag chain, is produced by a leading global energy chain manufacturer in Germany.  “We have been supplying energy chain to Southern African industry for more than three decades and share a combined knowledge of over 50 years with EKD in drag chain applications,” affirms Powermite Marketing Director, Donovan Marks.…

On track with electric rail solutions from Powermite

Components, equipment and systems engineering specialist, Powermite, offers a turnkey range of world-class electric rail solutions including rolling cable stock, depot power supply systems as well as plugs and sockets to the Southern African rail industry. “The railway industry operates in extremely stringent conditions with excessively long operating hours and extreme environments and climates which put stress on equipment,” says Powermite Director, Donovan Marks. “Unsurprisingly, this sector is constantly looking for new products and systems to maximise passenger safety and comfort as…

Rugged mining cables & connectors for opencast & underground mining applications

Components, equipment and systems specialist, Powermite, alongside sister company, Proof Engineering, bring end-to-end cable and connector solutions for mining and industrial applications. Powermite’s rugged range of TPU mining cables with flexible Class 5 tinned annealed copper wire conductors has been specially designed to withstand the hazardous conditions typically found in open cast mining. The copper-screened mining cables’ rugged design which incorporates a tough sheath, reduces the risk of cable damage and extends component service life. “The resultant low maintenance leads to increased…

Cable reeling solutions like no other from Powermite

The materials handling division of mechanical and electrical engineering specialist, Powermite, supplies superior quality, rugged, reliable, and economical cable reeling systems and accessories to a wide spectrum of Southern African industries. Cable reeling systems are used to lay down and retrieve cable in applications where a predetermined length of travel and a fixed amount of cable is connected to a fixed point while a moving point travels over a fixed line, rail, ground or height at a set speed. In addition to a wide variety of cabling including medium voltage, low voltage and milli power,…

Quality festoon systems from Powermite – the life blood of bulk materials handling machines

Festoon systems are the life blood of mobile electric bulk materials handling machinery, feeding energy, data, air or fluids to these machines to keep them moving. As operations such as open cast and underground mines, quarries, stockyards, and ports greatly depend on the reliable operation of these machines, equipment longevity, maximum uptime and high productivity levels are fundamental to sustainable production and subsequently profitability.   “No matter how extreme and arduous the conditions, it is paramount that festoon systems maintain a reliable, efficient, seamless and uninterrupted…

Up the uptime with high quality electrical products from Powermite

Component, equipment and system specialist, Hudaco company Powermite, leads the southern African market in the supply of a fully comprehensive range of high quality, locally manufactured electrical products for a wide range of mining, marine and industrial machinery including mobile generators, pumps, welding machines, continuous miners, shuttle cars, tunnel borers, and transformers. According to Powermite Marketing Director, Donovan Marks, quality and reliability are prerequisite for extending the lifecycle of products operating in the notoriously stringent mining environment. “Increased product…