Specialist industrial plugs and sockets manufacturer Ampco, the manufacturing division of specialised cable supplier Powermite, has launched its new plastic plug and connector range for use in commercial, mining and industrial applications. The advanced Gen 2 plastic range expands the company’s current locally manufactured metal and plastic range of plugs and connectors, says Powermite director Donovan Marks.

The IP44- and IP67-rated Gen 2 range is suited to arduous applications where portable electrical equipment is used such as electric-motor-driven heating machinery, welding, emergency generator supplies, information technology installations, quarrying, mining and water purification, as well as portable site and stage lighting.

Cable Reel

The Ampco Gen 2 heavy-duty engineering plastic and rubber site-distribution boxes with socket outlets can be customised and function well in gruelling working conditions such as petrochemical plants, dockyards and heavy engineering. The plug and socket ranges are internationally standardised by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the global organisation for standardisation of electrical equipment. Traditionally, flexible rubber cable is prone to damage, owing to the nature of its application, resulting in lost production and downtime for customers.

“As a result, we have introduced a new TPU flexible mining cable, which has a polyurethane outer sheath. This provides for much higher abrasion resistance on the cable together with much higher tensile strength when compared to traditional rubber cable,” says Marks. In addition, the outer sheath is reflective in the dark, thereby reducing damage and downtime while improving safety, as the cable is clearly visible in poorly lit working environments.

Proof Engineering
Proof Engineering operates as a division within the Powermite stable and has launched two new products — the 3.3 kV restrained plug and socket, and the new fourway two-pin box and plug for lighting systems — in the mining industry. Proof Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a range of flameproof and explosion proof products in the Southern African mining and industrial markets.

The company incorporates the latest technology in the design of its comprehensive range of electrical components, which include plugs, sockets, adapters, connectors and couplers suitable for underground and above-ground mining applications. Specialist support from technicians significantly reduces downtime, ensuring that customers achieve maximum profitability, says Marks.

Meanwhile, as part of Hudaco’s drive into Africa Powermite and Proof Engineering continue to expand their product range into the Southern Africa Development Community region and are exploring opportunities in countries in West Africa. “This region is growing exponentially, and Powermite and Proof Engineering can offer a variety of solutions that will benefit businesses on the continent,” says Marks. Strategically, the companies will continue to build on the key aspects that have established the businesses as market leaders.

“Our technical experience, and offering engineered solutions to customers, as well as our customer service and quality products, will continue to be the backbone going forward for us,” he says.