Powermite offers a diverse range of engineered solutions tailored
for the crane, material handling, industrial plugs and sockets for
mining, and a host of industrial sectors.

Flexible Cables

Flexible Cables
and Accessories

Powermite has a long standing relationships with reconised international cable manufacturers and this has formed an integral pillar with in our business.

We have the expertise to assist in selecting the correct cable for your specific applications. Furthermore, we have obtained the SANS 1520 Part 1 & 2 approval on a selected range of flexible mining cables. This range includes Type 41, Type 61, Type 63, Type 66, Type 66ECC, Type 611, Type 611ECC, Type 622, Type 622ECC, Type 633 and Type 633EEC.

The additional flexible cables in our range include: H07 RNF Cable, Flat Festoon Rubber and PVC . Trackless Scoop cable. Crane Pendant. PVC Control cable with optional screen offering. Silicon spiral. Non flexible Ship and Oil Rig cables.

mining cable range

Our Latest Innovation

Our latest innovation to our mining cable range is the TPU sheathed screened mining cable. The clear poly urethane sheath has high abrasion and tensile pull properties with an integral reflective covering under the transparent outer sheath.

flexible reflective

Specialised Cables

Flexible, reeling, flat, rubber and PVC, control & silicone cables

silicone cables
Flameproof Luminaire

Energy Saving and
Flameproof Luminaire

Non Flameproof Energy Saving

  • Mains connection (with 5A plug and lead or with IEC plug)
  • Control gear - Electronic ballast as standard, rapid start on request.
  • Available in LED or Fluorescent tubes:
  • 1500mm long, 65/57 watt
  • 1200mm long, 40/37 watt
  • 600mm long, 40/20 watt
  • Other sizes and wattages on application
  • Standard voltages: 220 volt, 50Hz, 110 volt, 50Hz, 32 volt, 50Hz
  • Other voltages AC or DC on application

Certification: Enclosure protection IP-66 specification to SANS 60529

Fluorescent tubes

Flameproof Luminaire

  • Built-in switch enabling complete safety when replacing lamp or ballast
  • Low weight (less than 6kG)
  • Low maintenance
  • Mounting in any position
  • Compact size
  • Provision for three cable entries
  • Competitive price
  • Can be fitted with reflector (any angle)
  • Available in LED
  • Standard voltages 220 volt, 50Hz, 110 volt, 50Hz, 32 volt, 50Hz
Flameproof Luminaire


Double-up on compression protection withnew ORION AMPgland cable glands. Featuring a double- compression O-ring, the state-of-the-art gland secures and seals cables safely and efficiently.

  • Clamping range from 3mm (min) to 80mm (max)
  • Two O-rings on shield cone - double sealing ensures unparalleled protection against contaminate intrusion.
  • Easy to install - swivelling ‘shielding cone’ for clamping armour is secured by O-rings to upper and lower body. (Also prevents shield cone from being lost during disassembly of cable gland during installation.)
  • Effortless maintenance - easy removal of internal parts (fixed only with O-rings).

Industrial Plugs
and Sockets

Powermite has developed and locally manufactured a complete range of metal and plastic industrial plugs & Socket outlets in both CEE to IEC60309 part 1 & 2 and Oval DIN format. Our range covers from 16 amp to 630 amp across all voltages from 50VAC to 500VAC.

We have recently launched our New Generation 2 plastic range of CEE IEC60309 plugs and sockets, this now completes and expands on our foundation Generation 1 plastic range.

Our well known and long standing Mennekes range remains our premium quality industrial CEE IEC60309 plug & socket range for extremely arduous applications.

CEE Metal Range Options
  • Switched & Dual interlocked with integrated circuit breaker
  • Switched & Dual interlocked with integrated Earth leakage & Circuit breaker
  • Switched & Dual interlocked with contactor & overload relay
  • Available in 63A for Zone 2 Class I Div2 Locations
  • Available 32A 63A & 125A IP 44 & IP67 in 400v & 500V
  • Full range of Plugs & Couplers for above.
cee metal range
DIN Metal Range Options
  • Switched Socket Dual interlocked in IP44 only 400V & 500V
  • Available in 25A-40A-60A-100A-250A-400A-630A
  • Full range of plugs & couplers for above.
  • Switched & Dual interlocked with integrated circuit breaker
  • Switched & Dual interlocked
  • With contactor & overload relay.
  • Available in front and side mounted isolator
  • Swedish Plug Tops & Socket outlets in 63A IP44

Direct Current Plugs, Sockets and Connectors

  • Available in 50A-175A-250A-350A

Metal Clad Isolators

  • Available in 63A-125A-250A-400A-630A front and side operated in IP65
metal clad isolators

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